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Stephanie has been teaching students of all ages for nearly 20 years. Her students have received high marks at Solo and Ensemble, won seats in the region orchestra in their school district, and earned first chair seats  in their school orchestras. They have also played in the Houston Youth Orchestras.


Stephanie's teaching is personalized to each student. She works with her students to identify strengths and weaknesses and give the student the tools he or she needs to practice effectively and efficiently at home. Her goal is not only to train up solid musicians, but to invest her students with the same love for music that she herself has!


Lessons are offered both online and in person for 30, 45, or 60 minutes. If online, the student must have a metronome that is not on the device used for lessons. 


Studio classes are offered periodically to give students the opportunity to perform for each other. Due to Covid-19, studio classes are currently exclusively online. However, as and when the risk to groups in enclosed spaces is less, in-person studio classes will be introduced as well. 


There is also at least one recital every year. Participation in recitals is expected.

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